Grass-fed Beef Pricing

Thank you for your interest in Miller Ridge Farms, located in the beautiful Amarugia Highlands of Western Missouri. Our beef is grass fed and hormone free.

Our grass fed steers have never had any growth hormones and have had no shots in over 18 months. They are about 22 months old and have been on green pastures all summer. In addition, we provide a stress-free, on the farm slaughter. We know a couple of butchers, both with good reputations: one located in Clinton, MO and the other in Montrose, MO.

If you are only interested in purchasing a side of beef and don’t already have someone to split it with, let us know and we will find someone else also interested in a partial order. When you put down your deposit on a side of beef ($500.00) or whole ($1,000.00), you will also need to return a short form stating how you would like your beef packaged and cut. If interested, please call me at 816-691-2101. We will let you know your total price for the animal after it has been delivered to the butcher and we know how much it weighs exactly. This amount, less your deposit, is due before you pick up your order. Finally, when you pick up your order, you will pay the butcher fee, which includes the slaughter charge.

Now you might be wondering how your cost will compare to the amount of meat you will receive. The following is based on a 1,000 lb. steer that has an average carcass score.

  • 1000 lb. live weight will yield about 665 lb. hanging weight.
  • 665 lb. hanging weight will yield about 450 lbs. of meat

Our cost is $3.00 per lb. on hanging weight and the butcher will charge about $0.65 per lb. After the slaughter charge is added ($75.00 per animal) the total amount for an animal that size comes to about $2,000.00 on a full beef, or about $1,000.00 per side. This is the price for all cuts, so you are paying $5.25 per lb. for hamburger and for T-Bone Steaks.

These animals are hormone free, free of antibiotics for a minimum of a year and a half, and humanely treated for their entire life. In fact, we welcome you to visit our farm so you can see for yourself!

Do know, because this is grass-fed beef, you will experience a difference in texture and taste when compared to grain-fed beef. There is plenty of information on the internet and seeing as there are slightly different cooking techniques suggested for grass-fed beef, it might be in your best interest before making a commitment of this magnitude. In addition however, once you’ve learned where your beef has been coming from, and knowing now where it could come from, the decision will be easy. We also have sample packages available, though the price per pound will be slightly higher.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.